Your Refresher Course On High Maintenance Women

Your Refresher Course On High Maintenance Women

by Ruth Purple

Some men prefer them, but some would rather stay home watch Oprah than date them- high maintenance women. It’s hard to keep up with them, at times they can be emotionally and mentally exhausting. You will not only cater to their not- so- practical material wants, but also their emotional demands.

Some men would compare them with a jaguar 86- amazing to look at, cool to ride, but frequently needs a lot of work. Here are some common characteristics of high maintenance women: They can be extremely selfish and self- centered. She cannot think outside her needs and wants. She wants you on call, all the time- to drive her to work, to run some errands, to go window shopping with friends and she also wants you to pick her up and drive her back home.

Aside from wanting you to be her private chauffer, she also wants you to be her errand boy while she lounges in her room or hang out with her friend. And when you refuse her “favors” you will instantly see her in uncontrollable rage. This is because high maintenance women have bi- polar tendencies, they have unpredictable emotions.

Another characteristic of high maintenance women is their incessant need for pampering and attention. Don’t get me wrong, men should pamper and listen to their partner if they want harmony in the relationship, but when it becomes out of control, like requesting you to get her some chocolate chip ice cream at two in the morning because she feels bad that her old classmate did not accept her friend request in Facebook, then you just have to draw the line.

Which leads us to the next common attitude of high maintenance women- being overly sensitive and doesn’t like to be told what to do. Another characteristic of high maintenance women is her fickleness and her inconsistencies in sexual behavior- this can be quite exciting for some men, but then again the problem comes in when she wants all your bedroom activities to be devoted to her pleasure alone.

Being with high maintenance women can indeed drive you crazy. And if you constantly feel like a doormat then your relationship will never work. Having a balance of give and take is the essence of every relationship. The good news with high maintenance women is that there is a chance that they can change their attitude.

It’s not hopeless to have a good flow of yin and yang in your relationship. Properly handling where you stand and knowing how you want to be treated is very vital. But if your primadonna will not change her attitudes, then don’t hesitate to walk out, remember your momma didn’t raise you to be someone else’s butler.