Water-Based, Flavored, & My Personal Fav, Tingling Lubricants For Enhanced Sex

Water-Based, Flavored, & My Personal Fav, Tingling Lubricants For Enhanced Sex

By Sam Mendes

Lovemaking has always been and will always remain the epitome of love, of heightened intimacy, in any relationship. We all want to do it, and to do it well : to make every sexual encounter the best for our partner, and for ourselves. However, there are times, when in spite of being completely aroused while in the midst of the act, we find the intensity, the passion vanish. And, what we end up with is an unsatisfactory closure to the act along with lots of embarrassment, and with each partner trying to figure out as to what went wrong.

Out of the many reasons that exist for unsatisfactory, boring, and horrible sex sessions, lack of lubrication tops the list. Insufficient lubrication is a real killjoy, having being found to effectively hamper intense, passionate lovemaking. Hence, it becomes all the more important that we do not allow this joy-killer to creep into our bedrooms. And, what comes to assistance is a sex lubricant that provides you and your partner with the required lubrication leading to long-lasting, enhanced, and passionate sex. Most of the sex lubricants are pretty simple when it comes to using them. What is required is a simple application of the solution over the sex organs to get on with the act!

With zillions of sexual lubricants available in the market, getting the right one that works for you is easy. Right from specialized vaginal moisturizers or lubricants, silicone lubricants that also works well for intimate body massages, and the ever popular range of water-based sex lubricants, there’s plenty to choose from. In fact, if you are keen on a little more adventure in the bed, you may also try flavored lubricants, or tingling lubricants. My personal favorite is the Durex Passion Tingling Lubricant, which provides a nice, tingling sensation , something me and my partner, both enjoy. Also, it does not get sticky, and is pretty easy to wash off as well! Occasionally, we have also tried some of K-Y’s water-based lubricants, which are also among the best in terms of quality, and long-lasting feel. Like I mentioned, there are plenty of options to choose from popular brands such as durex, K-Y, Sliquid, Woman’s Wellbeing, ForPlay, Vagisil, Sqweel, and LifeStyles.

So, in case, if you, too, are encountering a dip in the intimacy level while making love due to lack of lubrication, then its time to get wet, in the right places.