Sex In Public Beginner’s Guide

When you are young, frisky, horny, and in love, or in a long-term couplehood that needs spicing-up in the sex department, then sex in public sounds like a good idea. Doing it in an open domain has been in everybody’s top 5-fantasy list. The risk of getting caught seems so rousing and fun at the same time. Whether you want to do it in the mall’s parking area or in a club’s bathroom, you have to keep in mind that when you want to have sex in public, location is important. Here are some points to remember on how to have sex in public.

“I was twenty when I had my first public sex adventure,” says Mae, 34.

“My boyfriend and I were in a rock concert, there was booze everywhere. I was wearing my A-line skirt at that time with no undies underneath it; I guess I was really planning for it. After four shots of tequila, we moved back into a corner, and did it. I was great. I thought it would go smoothly until a bunch of punks caught us in a very uncompromising position. They laughed and applauded us. The mood was over. My boyfriend grabbed me by the arm and got out of there. It was a great thing not everybody can afford camera phones then.

So if you want to do it in public, my advice is to do it where people cannot see you, or would not mind in case they see you.”

So take it from the woman who did and was caught doing it. One of the most popular spot to lessen the risk of getting caught, but doesn’t not compromise the excitement factor, is of course the car. Thanks to Henry Ford, his invention did not only revolutionize the transportation industry, but also contributed in firing-up people’s sex life.

Another popular public location to get naughty with your hunny is probably the bathroom. This semi-public place is a good start for beginners. In some bars, bathroom attendants take advantage of adventurous couples by charging twenty dollars for ten minutes in a stall. However, even if the bathroom attendant has your back, there are laws in every state against indecency and public nudity. This means that when you get caught, you could land up to a year in a slammer. But this is unlikely to happened, unless you go for the multi-hour tantric action.

Quickies are relatively rare to get caught. This brings us to the second factor you need to consider when you decide to have sex in public- accessibility. To minimize the chances of someone spoiling your fun, it helps if you are wearing something uhm… accessible. For women, you could wear skirts sans panties, for men, you can go commando or a baggy boxers would do. This could give you a lightning speed in your prep time.

When it comes to position, lap sitting would be best. In this position, if anyone walks by, it just looks like you are sitting on your lover’s lap.

Doing it in public is different for each couple, but majority of them wants the spontaneity of it all. Having a game plan would ruin its essence.

Having sex in public is not only about the adventure, but it’s about wanting the person you are with so badly, it doesn’t matter where you are.