Intercourse Positions For Lazy Lovers

Intercourse Positions For Lazy Lovers

by Ruth Purple

The spirit is willing but the flesh is not. If you are lazy, this can be your sentiment when it comes to sex. I believe that everybody wants great sex. If couples have a choice, they’ll do it as frequently as possible. But most of the time, stress, work and chores can make you lazy in bed.

No matter how you want to enjoy each other’s sexuality, you just prefer to sleep off to regain your energy. The problem is, when you regularly postpone your sexual activity it can eventually takes it toll in your relationship. One healthy relationship advice that I am going to share with you is to work up some energy- efficient intercourse positions.

When I mean undemanding intercourse positions, intricate Kama Sutra instructions, wheelbarrow and doggy positions are totally out of the question. These intercourse acts exert too much energy and you might not be able to finish what you have started. The best intercourse position for lazy lovers is the coital alignment technique or C.A.T. for short. Coital alignment technique is like the missionary position but without giving too much effort. The great thing about this technique is that giving a woman an orgasm is as effortless as the position. You will be able to give your woman not just vaginal orgasm but clitoral orgasm as well.

If you want to do this marvelous intercourse position, you and your lover should proceed to missionary position. Place you pelvic area directly from hers. This is nearly 2-4 inches from the typical missionary position. Make sure that your body is flatly above hers, spine straight and both your naked body should be parallel to each other.

You can either be between her legs and her ankle wrapped around your calves, or you can keep her legs closed and yours outside. I suggest the latter, it creates a better response. Next, instead of the heavy in and out thrusting, slowly rock your hips. With this sex act both of you will be able to reach your climax without exhaustion.

Another mind-blowing intercourse position that can truly perk up your relationship is the woman on top. Yes, you read it right! Woman on top position is doable even if your lady did the laundry the whole day. This is one intercourse position that you should try. All you have to do sit yourself down 45 degrees and let your woman sit on top of you.

Then, hold her on the hips and move her back and forth. She will love the deep penetration and you will enjoy the view as much as the sensation. Last suggestion for a laid-back intercourse position that you should try is of course the spooning. Like all the intercourse positions mentioned above, you will be able to enjoy each other without forcing too much energy.

In spooning, both of you will be positioned on your side, you behind your woman. Penetration in this position is not as difficult because all you have to move are your hips and because of the “tightness” of the act, your woman will be able to experience a wonderful climax.

With all these intercourse positions, you and your woman will be able to cater each other’s urge with less sweat!