How to Talk Dirty – Guide to Making It Better

How to Talk Dirty – Guide to Making It Better

By Chris J Roberts

If you are serious about how to talk dirty to your man, you might need to brush up on your skills a bit. If you want to get it hot and happening, it is important to get it right in the first place.

A lot depends on the tone of your voice and your body language. What you say has to be enhanced by what your body is silently saying and vice versa.

Take note of these pointers that will guide you to get better at talking dirty.

Use a special voice

When you dirty talk, you are departing from a normal conversation. So your normal voice will just not do.

Just like your body does the things when you make love to excite your partner, your voice also has to follow suit. Put on a special voice.

The lower it sounds the better. In fact, whispering when you dirty talk can be the sexiest way to do it. Get your voice into a lusty, sexy purr!

Try doing it solo

Talking dirty on your own, in front of a mirror perhaps, is a great way to practice. You will be able to pay attention to the impact your actions and words have and how to get the two in sync.

Touching yourself at the same time that you are dirty talking to yourself will make it far more exciting and if you can actually let him watch you when it happens, it will just blow his mind away! Wild horses will not be able to restrain him from joining you once you get him going!

Expose your inner self!

That means exposing your thoughts. Getting to hear what is actually happening inside your head, as well as realizing what your body is feeling, in no uncertain terms, is intensely exciting for your man.

Tell him exactly how it feels when he does something you love. You will find that not only will he understand you needs better, so will you, when you pay more attention to what you are feeling.

Pull him into your fantasy

If you have a fantasy you would like to share with him, do so. Pull him into it and make him part of it. It will be a powerful turn on to him to realize that you want him to enter such a private realm.

The way you say it matters!

Every thing depends on the way you use your words. Think about what excites you. Watch him when you talk dirty. You will be able to soon figure out what type of words and phrases affect him the most. With a little practice, you will soon be turning out climax inducing talk without even thinking about it.

Be as graphic as you can

It is the graphic nature of dirty talk that makes it so exciting. So describe body parts, actions, feelings and sensations in great detail.

Use the raunchiest words you know. Get the sexiest adjectives in your lexicon flowing out of your mouth?

Involve all the senses

When you talk dirty, the talk should accentuate your other senses and concentrate what you are feeling.

Dirty talk about sexual touch, smells and sounds; describe how he is touching you; how his smell turns you on; how his voice excites you? It will turn into a memorable mingling of the senses.

Whether you’re learning how to talk dirty to your man, your husband, a lover, or a complete stranger, you can turn it into a naughty and enthralling experience with very little effort.