How To Help Your Partner In Case Of Erectile Dysfunction

How To Help Your Partner In Case Of Erectile Dysfunction

By Dr Mital John

Burdened with prejudice that must be Casanova, the sexual assault of emancipated women, many men succumb. A fear of failure is very easily turned into a weakness. How can you help, how to help them partner?

Studies show that more men suffer from sexual impotence. The reasons are numerous: from the excessive work load to the awareness that women want their sexuality and those men should appropriately respond to this need, which can develop in him a fear of failure. Doctors differ impotence what are the causes of organic, psychogenic of which is the result of some psychological brakes and difficulties. Expert analysis to grasp the true causes of impotence, and then determine therapy.

Prejudices and fears

Boys, fed by the myth of a great lover, caring dimensions of the genitals, fear that prematurely ejaculate. Prejudice and fear, many young men miserable life and limit the enjoyment of sex. What about them solve, the better.

1st With too small a penis is impossible to satisfy a woman.

  Not true. Female orgasm is largely dependent on stimulation of the clitoris. Therefore, the important motions man during intercourse, rather than length of the penis. Small penis can be declared only one who is capable of an erection less than 14 inches.

2nd Size of sexual organs is dependent on the severity, and the constitution of man’s stature.

  False, because there are no rules in this regard. Size of the penis does not have to do with his effectiveness.

3rd Who regularly masturbating and later is unable to maintain normal sexual relations with a woman.

  This is a persistent prejudice that men want to scare even as the boys and divert them to learn about their sexuality.

4th A real man makes love several times in several hours.

  The claim that sexual power measured by the number of sexual intercourse is a myth that should be down. At least it is important how fast orgasm. A woman expects a man pleasure, not exercise. It can be said that the twenties may have three to four hours of ejaculation.

How do I help him?

In occasional cases, even impotence secondary partner can be of great help. How to help your partner during the relationship, which is losing an erection or can not achieve orgasm? It is important to understanding and tenderness. A woman must not think that this is happening because it is not appealing enough. It is best during sexual intercourse does not insist so much on penetration. A woman can be much more active during sexual intercourse taking the lead role and so allowing the man a break mentally.

5 male erogenous zones

  The ears and the area around them are sensitive to gentle kisses and caresses

  The neck, especially in the lower part

  Chest: Some men like nipple stimulation

  The spine is very sensitive to stimuli, especially in the height of the blades

  Most sensitive to the genital area

As the mechanism actually works arousal and pleasure for men?

Taking into account personal preferences, males respond to three basic types of stimulation penile contact with the body along its entire length (as in the hand or the vagina), pressure and rubbing. The intensity of arousal is different in different stages of sexual intercourse, and is highly dependent on feelings toward your partner. Shortly before orgasm, the man accelerated movement to achieve the greatest excitement, then slows down or stops completely during ejaculation. Of great importance feelings so we can say that a man pleasure during sexual intercourse depends on the psychic connection with your partner.