How To Approach Girls Without Fear Of Rejection

How To Approach Girls Without Fear Of Rejection

by Brian Broderick

When guys are trying to get better with women, one of the most difficult things is how to approach the girl. This is a very difficult thing to do. Before you approach a girl, it’s a good idea to get some confidence built up to overcome the anxiety of approaching a girl. When meeting girls, you have to know where you are going to meet them and what you’re going to say.

We can get into this problem by dissecting it one piece at a time.

How to approach girls with courage.

I have to be honest with you for a second. Most guys have difficulty talking to girls. Some guys don’t have this problem, making them very lucky. Talking with girls holds a lot of guys back from becoming successful with a woman.

How come you don’t feel confident going up to a girl and having a conversation? Could it be your looks that are holding you back? Do you think you will have nothing to say? Improve upon what specifically is holding you back in order to get to the first step of talking with a girl.

If you feel that it’s your looks that’s holding you back, then work out more or find something better to wear. If you are not good at talking or sparking a conversation, create some small talk with strangers.

Where to find the girls and approach them.

Some guys just don’t know where to find the women. talking with women might be difficult, but you have to understand that half the world’s population is covered with women. The globe is covered with so many women. Finding them won’t be hard. They’re literally everywhere!

The location plays a huge role when it comes to approaching girls. Have something in common with the girl, at a place, and strike a conversation. If it’s at a favorite restaurant or a book store, approaching a girl will be easier because you’ll have something in common.

Sharing something in common, like a hobby or pastime, will make approaching a girl that much easier. This will create an instant conversation.

Succeeding in approaching girls.

you feeling ready? There she is, across the room. What are you going to do about it?

You need to have something to say. Search for a reason to start a conversation with her. Maybe she is wearing something that stands out, or something she is doing that catches your attention?

If you’re still drawing a blank, try thinking a little harder. Having a few good PUA openers memorized will bail you out if you see nothing to strike up a conversation with her.

If your confidence level is high and you know exactly what you want to tell the girl, then there is no reason not to approach to girl. By talking with the girl, sooner or later you will know whether this is someone you want to continue seeing. Ask her for her phone number, if you think she’s your type.

That’s what you need to do to approach girls. It isn’t that hard after you get a few approaches under your belt. You might even discover that the whole process actually becomes fun and enjoyable. Meeting new people (especially attractive women) can be one of the most exciting things out there. That person you are talking to could be your next girlfriend.