Can Sensual Massage Break The Barrier Of Silence Between Couples?

Can Sensual Massage Break The Barrier Of Silence Between Couples?

By Rs Solution

What is a sensual massage?

It isn’t just kneading muscles and pressing those joints, it’s an art and science being practiced from times immemorial to forge closeness that between partners. Of late it has evolved into more of an art embodying passion and lovemaking.

It is actually not just a massage but much more than that. And was practiced by kings and the queens and even common people for many reasons. The art has been followed in many lands and followed by people of several cultures and races, from the Egyptians to the Africans, from India to China, from the Celts to the Greeks, for centuries.

While a general masseur gives a massage that can help release from bodily pains and aches, a sensual massage can be given by a loved one and can build stronger bonding between couple while it can also relieve stress.

Why was sensual massage popular with people of many cultures and races?

Just because the massage offers innumerable benefits for those that give likewise that receive, the benefits that immensely bolster the connection the partners share.

It should be remembered that the sensual massage doesn’t merely involve kneading the muscles, it’s an experience and involves perfect blend of several elements from including milieu to preparation and then the pressure points. Then coming to the massage part, which is about how to touch and where to touch; its more than just that physical touch.

It doesn’t have to start with a preparation according to some; the massage can start incidentally as some pranks, jokes and play but apparently transition to serious sensual massage and then end in a union of partners; couldn’t agree more. Well majority of people would love if things happen without anticipation.

Benefits of this type of massage

Sensual massage can be erotic. It kind of evokes the sleeping senses. The massage can deliver message of promise from the giver that they are bound to them and it can help in shedding of inhibitions during the process of lovemaking.

The massage can release a person from joint aches and pains and releases the knotted nerves.

It gives the recipient a sense of emotional security that no other massage can give.

The massage acts as a precursor to romantic adventures for couples.

Sensual massage acts as another mode of communication without words but conveying the language of hearts.

There are many types of sensual massage such as lingam massage, tantra or the tantric massage, yoni massage, etc.